Monday, December 31, 2012

No Resolutions for 2013

I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolution, and I’m not going to make any for 2013.
But it is a good time to think about one’s life. A bit of reflection is always needed before moving forward.  After pondering my actions of 2012, I’ve decided on a few minor adjustments.
So for 2013, I feel I need to fish more, write more, read more, play more, hike more, pray more, laugh more, kiss and hug my wife and kids more. Spend more time with family and friends. I won’t drink cheap beer or eat lousy food. I’ll drink good wine, beer and apple whiskey martinis, but only in moderation.
Sounds like a quality plan for a happy 2013.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thoughts on the shooting in Connecticut

Let’s put some things into perspective…
According to the CDC…
In 2010 10,200 people died in alcohol DUI accident, 211 of them were under 14
About 6,000 died in drug DUI accidents. For a total of 16,200 DUI deaths, plus more than 1 million arrested for DUI.
In 2011, Heart Disease (600,000) and Cancer (570,000) were the leading cause of deaths in the U.S.
In 2009, 784,000 abortions were reported.
And in 2009 11,493 people died in gun related homicides, about 40% of gun related deaths.

The shootings that have plagued this country are not about GUNS. If we ban guns, do we also ban cars, alcohol, fatty foods, and slothful activities?  We need changes in society, not government mandated bandages on moral issues government can’t control.

This plague of evil is about the lack of morality and a completely disrespect for others and God. When we have a society that belittles God, beats and perverts its youth, crushes the family norm, glorifies violence and a media that places the sick and twisted on pedestals, what should we expect from those that grow up in that? More of the same. It's not that we took God out of school, but we took God out of our daily lives, out of our releationships.

Shame, low self esteem, worthlessness… those wrong thought processes can be defeated, overcome and destroyed by good parents, parents that engage with their children and teach them morals and ethics without hypocrisy. 
Parts of society claim babies are optional. Which, I guess, makes all of us optional. So kill them in the womb or wait until some psycho decides it’s their day to die, by gun, knife or bomb.

How many youth are going around right now, thinking they mean nothing, have no destiny, and have nothing to offer? For some it’s just a phase, for others it is a thought process that will lead them down a horrific path. Where are their parents? Who will stand up for them, teach them, and encourage them?

I believe in God. I believe society must have a true moral compass. And God is that compass, the ultimate giver of morality and grace. If not, all laws are optional. If evolution is how we got here, we mean nothing. We’ll live and die, and it really doesn’t matter how or when. But I’m not, and you’re not, an animal is some circle of life that will leave nothing behind but offspring, which will live, reproduce and die like a herd of elephants in Africa.

My children, your children, have a legacy, a destiny, a God given purpose. But evil wants to pervert it, twist it.

For those that feel worthless, that’s how they feel about you and everyone else. If they mean nothing, every one means nothing. So why not kill them.

We as parents have more control than we know about our children's development. We have more to do with their shame, self image, self control, self esteem then society does. We may not see it, but we do. If parents would engage, we could sense trouble, make adjustments, get help... or continue to praise, congratulate, and provide a realistic view of the world, of God. But we have wounded souls trying to raise wounded kids.
Parents can defeat societal crap in the lives of their children. But if parents don’t get it, or just don’t care, we’re doomed. We must live a life worthy of those who look up to us. Yes, we’ll screw up. Yes, they’ll see us fall. But if we get up, take responsibility, move forward, ask for forgiveness, we can be good examples to our children and our neighbor’s children. We must instill in the youth their worth, instead of raising emotionally dead humans that don’t care about themselves and others. This leads to more tragedies.

I don’t care how inflectional, rich, religious, famous, or any other so called good people parents are labeled.  “He came from a good family” are wasted words about a wasted life. What matters is what kind of relationship you have with God, your spouse and your children. Good relationships, or ones in positive process, will lead to the next generation looking for the same positive outcomes. Instead of trying to end their lives in horrific fashion and taking others with them.

If we put God back on the throne our lives, in our relationships, we could be the church that changes the world, changes society, do what Jesus called us to do.
But we are comfortable in our homes with Maslow's needs met.
We need to proactively engage with our kids, this will make a difference. It will stop some of these tragedies. It will not stop all evil, but we could prevent enough for the world to take notice.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Walk in the Park

A post Thanksgiving 50 degree day, thought I'd go fishing in a new spot in South Park. But didn't expect to find it all frozen.  Spent two and a half hours walking the river, and didn't even fish. At least I worked off some turkey and gravy.

Pretty sweet fence crossing.
Saw this little one watching me walk back to the Jeep. Has its winter coat, but no snow to blend with.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Morning Commute 11/14/12

Two observations this morning.

1. People, if you drive in the fast lane, please drive fast. Or at least faster than the people driving in the right-hand lane.

2. I saw the aftermath of a car vs deer accident, just in time to see the police officer shoot the deer in the head, reminded me of Lyle shooting the cow in front of the school bus in Napoleon Dynamite.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fishing the Mile

Notice the lack of snow on Friday.
David and I used to work together for a nationally known nonprofit. And discussions soon turned to fishing. I thought I would make it to Wyoming for business reasons and get some fishing in. That never happened and we have both since parted ways with the nonprofit. 

First fish, about 16 inches.
Snowing Saturday on the Mile.

My Brown on Saturday, not much compared to David's
A Facebook post here and there, turned into a trip north to the North Platte River. Promises of large browns tempted me.

David's nice Brown on the Mile. Same fish in the top photo.

I drove I25 to Laramie, spent $34 bucks on a hotel and grabbed a beer and burger at Altitudes. I headed west to Sinclair, then north to the Miracle Mile. The drive in was beautiful.

David had a meeting and was running a bit late, so I grabbed lunch and started fishing the Mile. The flies of choice… Spaghetti and Meatballs, or San Juan Worms and Eggs. I was into a fish 15 minutes later, it took the worm. So easy, but yet so deceiving for the weekend.

That would be the only fish caught on Friday. David joined me and we hit a couple of spots before dark, but no fish. What was to be a camping weekend, turned to a couple of nights in what might be considered a hotel in Alcova, Wy. The Mile is in the middle of nowhere with no amenities and no cell phone coverage.

Friday night the weather turned as a cold front hit the west. Nighttime temps dropped into the single digits. (Though several people were camping.) We were up early (and fished till dark.) The roads were slick and icy on Saturday morning, but we made it to the river. After all this is Wyoming and a little snow doesn’t stop much of anything.

David talked about his uncountable trips to the Mile since he was a kid. Stories of fishing, good beer and work filled the drive time to the river. We hit four or five different spots on Saturday. We tossed Spaghetti and Meatballs and numerous streamers to the depths of the river, which was pretty busy for a cold snowy day. Many of the spots we wanted to fish were filled, not to mention some jerks in a raft floating through a hole we were casting in. David said the fishing was slow, though he caught a good dozen, to my single brown. 

But I saw enough good water and trout, I knew I 
wanted to fish the Mile again
Fremont Canyon Section

Fremont Canyon section.
On Sunday, the weather was still cold, but it was sunny. Oh, I love the western sun. So warm even when temps are low.
No need for a Koozie at lunch,
cold beer and hot river side stew.

We fished the Fremont Canyon section of the North Platte…absolutely beautiful water, what a gorgeous section of river and rock formations. During spring run off, kayakers paddle this section. There is also some great rock climbing in the area.

Nice 20-inch Rainbow in the Fremont section, woollybugger.
We fished hard again, but the fishing was just as slow. We pulled in a few nice trout to make it worth the trip.

Rainbow, took a copper zonker.

Took a Zonker.

I can’t wait to go back. Fishermen must be eternal optimists to travel in hopes of catching fish. It only took 6.5 hours to get home. That’s pretty close and worth a long weekend.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Power of Will

The movie Green Lantern was OK, and suffered from a stereotypical story line which could have been written better.

But the Lantern has always been my favorite DC character.

The power to create what ever can be imagined. Now that’s a superpower that beats speed, metal claws, spider webs, elasticity, utility belts and the ability to leap over skyscrapers.

In the movie the green lantern power comes from the power of will, “the most powerful force in the universe.” That’s an interesting concept since our personal will can trump God’s will. And since God really is the most powerful thing in the universe, that gives us humans an ironic ability to do what we want. No predestination. No overly controlling deity. Just a God who’s will is for us to have a relationship with him.

But our will can change daily, from good to bad, from selflessness to selfishness. Now don’t confuse God’s will with his holiness, sovereignty, etc. All the things that make God, God.

So maybe will really is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


“I'm ridin' down the highway
In a brand new mini van
Wife and kids screamin'
Ooh God I'm a family man”
-Keb Mo, “Slow Down”

So when did you wake up and realize life was different? Responsibilities. Commitments. Children to feed. Change in Priorities.

It’s not a prison sentence. It’s a blessed life, if you stand up to the challenge. And it will be challenging if you are willing to engage. The reward will be amazing. But if you are passive, a sub par life will drag on until your kids leave the house (or your wife files court papers). Such a sad house that will be.

So, put some curb feelers, fog lights and a racing stripe on that mini-van. Make B.A. Baracus proud. Accept life is different now, and that it can be even better than you imagined. Come up with a plan to save your team and the world. (Though I would not recommend crashing the van through any buildings, you’ll need to make a stop at the grocery store later.)
(I wrote this on another blog I once had.)

Friday, November 2, 2012


Have you ever noticed that people always look through an open door. They're not looking for conversation, just curious as to what people are doing on the other side.

First Post No. 3

Third times a charm.
Three strikes and you're out.

Well, I wonder which this will be. This is the third time I've started a blog. The previous two were kind of specific and have sense been abandoned. This one will be general and contain posts that would have been on those other two. I'm hoping I'll pay more attention to this blog.

So here's to sharing my thoughts on life, family, writing, fishing and any other dominoe that seems to run through my mind. My wife says when I start thinking, it is like dominoes falling, one thought leads to the next and before you know it, I've gone past the topic or have so many thoughts I have to organize them.