Monday, November 7, 2016

Dr. Strange: A short review

Well they did it again. Another solid movie from Marvel Studies.

Was it great? No. But it was good, a solid production. 

A few of the special effects were a bit dizzying at times, and a little over done. But most of them were cool and fit into the film without being distracting.

I enjoyed Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange. I thought the writers struggled to find his true personality. I don’t feel I got to know him or what to expect from his character as the movie progressed. I didn’t read many Dr. Stranger comics, so I can’t say for sure if it was a perfect match, but it worked for me.

Several humorous moments that got laughs and chuckles from the audience. Again, Marvel keeping it real.  

My one major issue with the movie was the hurried plot/story line between the “accident” and his connection to the mystic arts. The info came too easy in NY, and then they just opened up the doors in Kathmandu. Not exactly a way to keep a secret from a stranger. They also didn’t give us a good timeline of how long this and his training took.

The dialogue didn’t match some of the characters. For instance, Tidla Swinton’s character didn’t talk or act like an “ancient one,” and how ancient could a European white woman be?

Chiwetel Ejiofer as Mordo seemed be the most solid character as far as script and consistency in the movie.  

Looking forward to the sequel.

And to see how Dr. Strange fits into the other Marvel movies… Infinity Wars, anyone?

FYI… Two Post Credit Scenes….

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