Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Suicide Squad: Movie Review

When will DC make a complete movie?

Suicide Squad was OK, not great. And with a little more editing and oversight it could have been good. Director and Writer David Ayer must have had some kind of deal that no one could tell him what to do, because the movie is just another bad DC movie.

That’s the thing with DC… so much potential… so much disappointment.


The good: It was Harley Quinn’s movie. Margot Robbie did a fine job bringing the character to the screen and owned the role and the movie.

Katana: When just enough is good enough.

The other good: well, not much.

The bad: let me count the ways…

Will Smith: I like Will Smith as an actor. But in this movie he played… Will Smith, not Deadshot. The movie could have been made with Will Smith without him ever showing up on set. Just Copy and Paste his image from any of his other films for the specific lines he needed to say, and then CGI his outfit on him. In other words, the script was bland and his acting blah, like he was going for the Tom Cruise Acting Award… Act just like you did in every other movie.

The Major Plot: Bring a group of (bad) Metahumans together to fight Bad Metahumans. Well, that didn’t work out. Because they only needed Killer Croc to swim… which the SEAL Team did with him. And then Diablo, the fiery reluctant villain (such a stereotype role) couldn’t burn the bad guy, Incubus, at the end… but a group of soldiers blew Incubus up with a bomb without killing everyone in the room? How does that work?

Then the Enchantress, with all her magic, decides to fight the Squad with swords. Why not use magic? (And why was she dancing the entire time?)

Harley Quinn (a regular human) ends up cutting out Enchantress’ heart.

So basically the two Metahumans on the Squad did nothing.

Plot Point 1: Enchantress can teleport to steal things. So why didn’t see teleport and steal her heart back?

Plot Point 2: Three times in the movie they have TOP SECRET documents in two-inch binders you can get from Office Dept. Does the government, any government, still print out top secret documents? No.
(And here’s one of the rubs… Amanda Waller gives Bruce Wayne a set of these documents with info on The Flash, Wonder Woman and AquaMan… didn’t he already steal that file from Lex? And then he called them “his friends”…. Super Friends anyone?)

Plot Point 3: The team building… a fire fight puts the team in danger and the come together to work it out. That’s original. Then, before the dark moment, when they want to leave and get all emotional at a bar, they decide to work together again to stop the Enchantress. Again, very orginal.

Plot Point 4: Deadshot threatens the guard, but nothing ever happens. Why not? You create a scene in a movie to reveal character, but then the character doesn’t do anything? There is no resolution to conflict.

Characters: Such bad character development and script writing went into this.

Jared Leto as The Joker: “Hey Jared, we’re going to dress you up like a crazy clown in a nice suit, so just act crazy, but don’t act. No, that’s not over the top at all. It will look great on screen. Yeah, we’re sure, you don’t need to act.”
And so Leto’s Joker wasn’t much more than a bad cameo.
Potential and Disappointment.
(Jessie Eisenberg played a better Joker in BvS, but oh yeah, he was Lex Luthor.)

Amada Waller: Over the top bad attitude, but she didn’t carry it to make it work. Her shooting the FBI agents was bad script writing… what secrets did they know?… nothing the world wasn’t seeing on TV.

Rick Flag: Dude, Joel Kinnaman, played another no so believable character in the movie. Give him a love interest, that’s all the movie goers need to know, they’ll love him. Not so much.   

OPENING: They open the movie with vignettes of Harley, Deadshot, and Diablo… and when we get the team together there are a few more members… guess who’s going to die first.  The vignettes… yeah they were trying hard to do instant background info, and it didn’t work. So, 25 minutes into the movie and the movie hadn’t started.

And if you didn’t know… Suicide Squad was already a hit movie….yes, it’s kind of a remake.

“The Dirty Dozen” And it was much better. 

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