Tuesday, March 22, 2016

White Collar Camouflage

I’m not one hundred percent sure why I did it, but I did. Mostly just to do it, to say I did. And maybe for some Shits & Giggles.

I wore the same shirt and pants to work for two weeks. And no one said anything. Did anyone notice? I don’t know because I didn’t get any comments. But a friend suggested I keep an ear out to see if any of my coworkers won a bet about when I would stop.

American men in the office, for the most part, wear black, navy blue or khaki pants with a white or light blue shirt. Not all the time. But I challenge you to go into a conservative, business or government office and not see a guy wearing a combination of those options.

 It’s almost a uniform. It’s white collar camouflage.

And it’s easy , no Garanimal matching choices in the morning. No wondering if that shade of green goes with that shade of khaki. 

And what about socks? Do they match your outfit, your shirt or your shoes? I go with shoes.  But some people say the really creative people wear the bright fun socks no matter the outfit.
I know at one point my father had all black socks. He didn’t even match the different styles or fits. They all went into one drawer.

Next project… serial killer. (Maybe not, but then again with the right camouflage…)

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