Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lessons in D.C.

Election 2014: Republicans are back in power in the House and Senate--a significant change in political and governmental authority.  Why? To me it is more about the polarizing stance so many politicians have been taking over the past several years… far right or far left, or not working together. 

When the Democratic party took control several years ago, Republican leader John McCain said it best… paraphrasing here about the Republican ‘loss’ and country’s future… ‘I hope the Democrats learned from our (R) mistakes. When you have complete power you don’t always compromise, you push your agenda, which alienates the other side. Then you get voted out of office.’  

Well, the Democrats didn't compromise and pushed their agenda. Obama said he was going to be a mediator for both sides to work together. Obamacare was forced on Americans. (Granted changes were needed, but that wasn't the solution.) More Democrat agenda’s moved forward. Executive orders were issued.

So what do we have today… Republicans back in significant power. What will they do? Have they learned the significance of compromise and collaboration? Will we get another complete switch in 4, 6 or 8 years? That doesn't do a lot to move American forward.

Yes there are some issues people will never compromise on. I’m OK with that. Most of those are moral issues. You can’t legislate morality. You can’t legislate a change of heart.

Economy. Security. Infrastructure. Environment. Those are issues that can be debated and resolved by collaboration.  But when you have politicians running government, you never get what is truly needed.

Just going to wait around and see if anyone has learned anything in D.C.

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