Friday, January 4, 2013

Level Ground

There’s an old saying…

The ground at the foot of the cross is level.

Meaning we are all equal when it comes to God’s love and forgiveness. We as humans have a tendency to forget that when it comes to the treatment of others, and as important, our thoughts about others… other co-workers, other parents, other families, other people in our community, other races, other cultures, other…

I work in a building that houses one of the local DMV offices. I walk through there occasionally and think about the diversity of the people sitting, waiting.

If you ever want to get a good look at how level that ground really is, spend some time at the DMV. Every one passes through this office, in their Sunday best or their three-day old work shirt.

The Loud
The Obnoxious
The Poor
The Rich
The Classy
The Classless
The Old
The Young
The Lost
The Saved
The Confused
The Dark skinned
The Light skinned
The Educated
The Illiterate
The Haves
The Have nots
The Inked
The Stained
The Hurt
The Wounded
The people you would never speak to, not even to ask what time it was.

And they might even be thinking the same about you.

But through grace, and that cross, we all get a chance to be a loved individual, just as loved as the guy you and I won’t sit next to.

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  1. Thank you for your insight. It's interesting how many people understand faith, but when you ask them to give you their definition of grace, they don't have an answer, when the truth is that we would all be sitting together in Hell without it.