Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thoughts on the shooting in Connecticut

Let’s put some things into perspective…
According to the CDC…
In 2010 10,200 people died in alcohol DUI accident, 211 of them were under 14
About 6,000 died in drug DUI accidents. For a total of 16,200 DUI deaths, plus more than 1 million arrested for DUI.
In 2011, Heart Disease (600,000) and Cancer (570,000) were the leading cause of deaths in the U.S.
In 2009, 784,000 abortions were reported.
And in 2009 11,493 people died in gun related homicides, about 40% of gun related deaths.

The shootings that have plagued this country are not about GUNS. If we ban guns, do we also ban cars, alcohol, fatty foods, and slothful activities?  We need changes in society, not government mandated bandages on moral issues government can’t control.

This plague of evil is about the lack of morality and a completely disrespect for others and God. When we have a society that belittles God, beats and perverts its youth, crushes the family norm, glorifies violence and a media that places the sick and twisted on pedestals, what should we expect from those that grow up in that? More of the same. It's not that we took God out of school, but we took God out of our daily lives, out of our releationships.

Shame, low self esteem, worthlessness… those wrong thought processes can be defeated, overcome and destroyed by good parents, parents that engage with their children and teach them morals and ethics without hypocrisy. 
Parts of society claim babies are optional. Which, I guess, makes all of us optional. So kill them in the womb or wait until some psycho decides it’s their day to die, by gun, knife or bomb.

How many youth are going around right now, thinking they mean nothing, have no destiny, and have nothing to offer? For some it’s just a phase, for others it is a thought process that will lead them down a horrific path. Where are their parents? Who will stand up for them, teach them, and encourage them?

I believe in God. I believe society must have a true moral compass. And God is that compass, the ultimate giver of morality and grace. If not, all laws are optional. If evolution is how we got here, we mean nothing. We’ll live and die, and it really doesn’t matter how or when. But I’m not, and you’re not, an animal is some circle of life that will leave nothing behind but offspring, which will live, reproduce and die like a herd of elephants in Africa.

My children, your children, have a legacy, a destiny, a God given purpose. But evil wants to pervert it, twist it.

For those that feel worthless, that’s how they feel about you and everyone else. If they mean nothing, every one means nothing. So why not kill them.

We as parents have more control than we know about our children's development. We have more to do with their shame, self image, self control, self esteem then society does. We may not see it, but we do. If parents would engage, we could sense trouble, make adjustments, get help... or continue to praise, congratulate, and provide a realistic view of the world, of God. But we have wounded souls trying to raise wounded kids.
Parents can defeat societal crap in the lives of their children. But if parents don’t get it, or just don’t care, we’re doomed. We must live a life worthy of those who look up to us. Yes, we’ll screw up. Yes, they’ll see us fall. But if we get up, take responsibility, move forward, ask for forgiveness, we can be good examples to our children and our neighbor’s children. We must instill in the youth their worth, instead of raising emotionally dead humans that don’t care about themselves and others. This leads to more tragedies.

I don’t care how inflectional, rich, religious, famous, or any other so called good people parents are labeled.  “He came from a good family” are wasted words about a wasted life. What matters is what kind of relationship you have with God, your spouse and your children. Good relationships, or ones in positive process, will lead to the next generation looking for the same positive outcomes. Instead of trying to end their lives in horrific fashion and taking others with them.

If we put God back on the throne our lives, in our relationships, we could be the church that changes the world, changes society, do what Jesus called us to do.
But we are comfortable in our homes with Maslow's needs met.
We need to proactively engage with our kids, this will make a difference. It will stop some of these tragedies. It will not stop all evil, but we could prevent enough for the world to take notice.

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  1. Very thoughtful and well written. I know your parents are proud. Even made a former neighbor like me proud.