Saturday, November 3, 2012


“I'm ridin' down the highway
In a brand new mini van
Wife and kids screamin'
Ooh God I'm a family man”
-Keb Mo, “Slow Down”

So when did you wake up and realize life was different? Responsibilities. Commitments. Children to feed. Change in Priorities.

It’s not a prison sentence. It’s a blessed life, if you stand up to the challenge. And it will be challenging if you are willing to engage. The reward will be amazing. But if you are passive, a sub par life will drag on until your kids leave the house (or your wife files court papers). Such a sad house that will be.

So, put some curb feelers, fog lights and a racing stripe on that mini-van. Make B.A. Baracus proud. Accept life is different now, and that it can be even better than you imagined. Come up with a plan to save your team and the world. (Though I would not recommend crashing the van through any buildings, you’ll need to make a stop at the grocery store later.)
(I wrote this on another blog I once had.)

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